Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Using an excavator based rig with a purpose built boom that allows us to reach and cut to 48ft (15m) high. With our 50” and 60” blades and powerful hydraulic motor reasonable distances can be achieved per hour and large limbs are able to be cut right through.

Pine/ Oregon trees distances able to be trimmed are double that of macrocarpa – cypress. 

Following the tree cutter is our purpose built loader, fitted with modified logging type forks which enable us to pick up and carry up to 4 ton of tree cuttings clear of gates, strainers, fences and buildings to a site for your choice for disposal by either:

1/ burning on the day

2/ heaping for burning at your convenience at a later time.

3/ loading onto trucks to be carted to tree dump

All gear is transported on site with our own transporter, which is covered by an establishment charge

We carry a comprehensive public liability insurance for damage caused by side trimming to the value of $1,000-000 we also carry fire suppression insurance to a value of $250.000

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