Tree Felling and Disposal

Tree Felling and Disposal

No tree is to big or job to small, we have gained a reputation of being able to do the trees no one else can or will do, with good technique and finesse. 

With chainsaws ranging in size from 48” bars to 16” we have enough saws for every size of tree (our 1st job for 48” size bar in 1983 missed the middle of tree by 8” over 10ft across). 

After the felling of the tree's we can dispose of them by cutting them up in to suitable size sections (remove any millable/firewood logs) and

1/ burn all remaining tree stumps.

2/ leave in heap for burning later at your convenience.

3/ loading onto trucks to be carted to tree dump. 

Along with our range of chainsaws we also use our 8 ton purpose built loader with modified log forks, also a 12 ton excavator to assist is necessary and carry a range of wire ropes (20 ton breaking strain) for securing and pulling trees over with. 

All gear is transported on site with our own transporters, which is covered by an establishment charge.

We carry out comprehensive public liability insurance on trees up to 75ft (25m) to a value of $1,000,000. For trees over 75ft (25m) or buildings recently built or near offending trees, extra insurance charges apply. We also carry fire suppression insurance to a value of $250,000.00

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