Portable Milling

Portable Milling

We currently run a Peterson Portable 10” swing blade sawmill which are truly portable.

Easily transported on a car trailer to site. It takes approx 40 minutes from arrival to start of milling (can even be flown in with a chopper).

Loading the mill is very easy

  • by rolling logs into mill from skids
  • with tractor with forks or log loader
  • set mill up around very large logs.

We can mill up to 2 metres diameter and eight metres long (longer by arrangement if necessary). Milling accuracy is to within +/- 1.5mm, sizes are infinitely variable in 1mm graduations to a max 10” x 10” in standard format and by double cutting we can go to a max size of 10” x 20” 255mm x 510mm.

We do mill 1 x 1 or 1 x 2 for strip stacking of timber for drying if required.

With swing blade technology we are able to selectively cut the best timber from your trees for your requirements which also gives a recovery rate of 50 – 65% depending on which trees are millable, approx quantities of sawn timber from trees and what use’s, timber can be put to.
Milling Charges

  • We supply the mill with a fully trained operator only on the base rate of  GST per sawn cube metre (m3) (no labourer/ Tailer outer, log and timber handling machinery or strapping materials supplied.
  • With mill and fully trained operator and one labourer/ tailer outer supplied, the rate is  GST per sawn m3.
  • Custom cutting table tops or large beams over 10” 255mm or a job lot of small diameter trees i.e. under 300mm diameter hourly  GST or daily  GST rates apply.

Log loader/ /handling and strapping equipment can be supplied if required and is charged out extra to the milling rate.

For timber over 6 metres long in sizes greater than 8 x 2, 200 x 50 i.e. 8 x 3, 10 x 2, 10x 4 2 labourer/ tailer outer are required due to weight of timber and the need to work in the realms of everyone’s health and safety.

A detailed price and quantity list covering size commonly cut is available on request.

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