Tree Topping

Tree Topping

We have recently developed a new topping boom on our 13 ton excavator which allows us to reach 72ft high (211/2m) with a 5 metre telescoping section with a fully rotating and adjustable cutting head, or to 45ft(14m) with man cage and chain saw.

The man cage option allows ropes to be placed around tops and trees to be scarfed and back cut to give full directional control to avoid obstacles like buildings, HT power lines etc, that are beside or under trees.

Where no obstacles exist and tops are not excessively large the saw blade option is used, as it is a more cost effective.

We recommend side trimming one side (the side the tops are to fall on) to enable easy access in with tree topper and for tops to clear protruding branches and not break them off at trunk. This enables branch with green leaf/needles remain on tree to keep sap flowing to promote healthy re growth and good visual effects.

Working with the tree cutter is our purpose built loader fitted with modified logging type forks to enable us to clear tops away from working area and pick and carry away up to 4 ton of tree toppings clear of gates, strainers, fences and building to a site of your choice for disposal by:

1/ heaping for burning later at your convenience

2/ burning on the day

3/ loading onto trucks to be carted away to tree dump.

All gear is transported on site with our own transporter, which is covered by an establishment charge.

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